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Tarp Colour Choice & Specification

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From truck tarps to builders tarps, Mulders can custom manufacture virtually any colour or size you need.We offer standard colours as well as over 30 other special colours to choose from. It is easy to request a highly visible tarp or one that will simply blend in with the surroundings. See our colour choice and specification for truck tarp materials below. This is a heavy duty PVC coated tear stop fabric from woven high tenacity polyester cloth. We also have tarp materials for buliding use, maquees, tent walls, sports equipment and more.

Grey light or dark

Light blue

Product Highlights and Features
  • Offers excellent strength, flexibility and resistance to soiling.
  • woven polyester base fabric and tear stop weave pattern for added resistance against tearing.
  • Waterproof alternative to canvas.
  • UV stabilised coating offering excellent coating adhesion.
  • Lacquered finish for resistance against soiling.
  • Excellent resistance to flex cracking.
  • Available in 11 different colours.
  • Available in 2.05m and 2.50m widths.
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