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What's Important When Buying A Sail?
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Getting the proper streamlined tensile look from your DIY shade sail can be easy. But there are some common pitfalls to avoid:

— Before buying, measure the shade area first and identify possible fixing points. A common error is to buy a Ready Made Sail, get it home and find it will not match up with available fixing points!

— Make sure the sail has been manufactured to quality standards, has the correct fittings and installation?

— Avoid poor quality weave canvas which can hang limp and absorb water

— Sails manufactured with single line or poor chain stitching as this can come undone when under tension or stress

— Too many seams can split under tension

— Corner rings not made of galvanised steel can rust and discolour surrounding material

— Standard canvas that is not water resistant or poor quality weave can hang limp and absorb water

Our shade sails are fabricated from premium high grade extra heavy duty cloth offering up to 95% UV protection which has been interlock seamed with twin lock stitching. All sail shade edges are hemmed with heavy duty UV stabalised webbing and all corners on sails larger than 25m2 are reinforced.


We have a wide range of colours available. Click here to see the full colour range and our fixing range.
We also have a comprehensive range of standard fixings.
Turnbuckles for tensioning and eye and 'D' rings for fixing to posts, walls etc.

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