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Floating Two Pole Shade Sail
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Space saving shade sail using two poles instead of four! We have developed a new free standing shade sail structure called the 'Eclipse' which is much less intrusive than a standard shade sail.

The new design has the traditional streamlined look of a shade sail shade but only uses two supporting poles instead of four.Two Pole Shade Sails Are Ideal For:kindergartens carwashescar parks — council parks — swimming pools — car parking areas.

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shade sails for carports  

A central cross-piece supporting structure is fixed on just two opposite corners of the sail. The sail floats over nearby walls making it easy to position. There is no need to use a weight bearing fixing on a roof or external wall, placing no stress on existing structures.

Easy to Re-Locate: If shade requirements are likely to change, it can be unbolted from its footings and moved to another location. Recreational areas can be returned to their original design for parties and special events etc. Commercial premises can easily take the complete structure with them if they re-locate.

Easy, Rapid To Construct Kits Available: The whole structure can be supplied in a 7m or 8m kit and coupled together if needed. This supports self installation or re-location by building/construction staff or subcontractors. Initial measurement to construction is just a matter of weeks.

7m Diagonal Kit: this is based on a 5 * 5m square sail

8m Diagonal Kit: this is based on a 5.6 * 5.6m square sail

Colour Choice and Durability: The sails themselves can be made in a choice of high quality shade cloth, architectural grade polyester mesh and solid PVC's. These materials withstand wind, sun and rain. UV ray resistant materials provide superb protection from the damaging rays from the sun.

Reduces The Need to 'Dodge' Poles:
Less poles means less obstruction, lowering the possibility of customer and car collisions. Less Holes To Dig: As only two foundation holes are needed this reduces disruption to constly foundations like concrete pool areas or favourite garden beds. Many swimming pools or parking spaces have surrounds made or sufficiently deep re-inforced concrete where a hole can simply be drilled and the fixings secured to the concrete by using special bolts.

Shade or Waterproof and Shade: If you just need the Eclipse for sun protection mainly a see through mesh would be used. If a waterproof solution is needed a waterproof membrane would be used.

Engineer Certified: A variety of designs are available using rectangular or square configurations. The overall structure is made of hot dipped galvanized steel which is very resistant to rain, salt corrosion and rust. The design is also engineer certified.

Need Help On Design?: Please feel free to call us and discuss your cover equirements through with one of our designers. You can see quite a few of our shade solutions in our Photo Gallery.

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