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Sandpit Cover - Rapid Made To Order Quote Service
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All of our sandpit covers are designed to keep animals out but allow air to permeate avoiding fungal build up. We manufacture our covers on site at our Melbourne factory and use premium quality shade mesh and shock cord - both of which are weather and tear resistant.

The sandbox cover is usually held securely in place with series of brass eyelets and shock cord which can easily be released for quick removal. A series of button screws can be fixed to the outer walls of the sandbox. The cord is then looped around these buttons and pulled taut for secure fixing. All edges are strengthened with a durable, flexible 50mm deep polyethylene tape specially designed to reinforce our eyelet fixings. The whole cover can be rolled up into a small bundle for easy storage. A standard 3m * 3m cover weighs no more than 2-3 kgs. Most sandpit covers are square or rectangular but we can make other shapes if needed. The cover can sit on top of the sandbox or be slightly larger to fold down the sides of the box.

Simply email, call or fax us your:

  • side lengths and height of your frame
  • if your sandpit is not a regular square or rectangle - we will need diagonal dimensions as well
  • if your cover needs to fold down the sides of the box or just sit on top
  • your preferred colour choice; Green Beige, or Natural.
  • download our Sandpit Faxback Form.
What's Included In Our Quote?
— A cover made of premium grade shade mesh or shade cloth to your dimensions.
— brass eyelets, shock cord and cord knobs to hold the cover in place

Need Help On Design?
Please feel free to call us and discuss your sandpit cover requirements through with one of our designers.
We will work out a price for your cover including allowances for eyelets and cord to help hold your cover securely in place.

Sandpit Cover Prices:
We make these covers to your exact dimensions but here are prices for some common regular sandpit sizes:

1.2m * 1.2m (4f * 4ft) = $210.00

1.5m * 1.5m (5ft *5ft) = $225.00

1.8m * 1.8m (6ft * 6ft) = $235.00

2.4m * 2.4m (8ft * 8ft) = $336.00

All prices are in Australian Dollars and include 10%
GST but exclude freight. Postage Costs In Australia: Registered Parcel Post: $15.00

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