Many customers require the complete solution from initial sketch drawn up on site to final installation of the sails, poles and fixings. This whole custom design process can be completed in a matter of weeks and the customer ends up with a professionally designed shade solution with a 5-year warranty on all workmanship.
Press Release December 2005
  Cool Cover

During hot days, many outdoor entertaining or recreation areas become
largely unusable for critical parts of the day. It takes a matter of weeks to install a sail shade and create an inviting, cool outdoor space.

Many shade sails are either the traditional square or triangle size with
side lengths of 3, 4 or 5 meters. Conservatories, backyards, outdoors dining
areas, planting areas, play areas and carports are the most common uses.
More recently shades have been recognised as a light and airy almost
sculptural looking alternative to fences, walls barriers. Sails can also be effectively designed into Privacy Screens for overlooked windows, gardens and pool areas.

Mulders a Victorian based shade sail manufacturer has three main shade products, custom designed shade sails with full installation, sails made to the customer's own design for self-installation and lastly a range of motorised folding arm awnings.


D.I.Y enthusiasts often require a sail only and have often worked out a more or
less finalised sail design plus appropriate fixing points. Mulders take this initial
sketch, discuss material types and colours and give advice if needed on
fixing methods and orientation. This sketch is then turned into a computer aided
Design or C.A.D drawing, which drives the precision cutting of the sail. Sails made to the customers own design can usually can be manufactured in 5 days and the DIY builder gets the final sail with full fixings ready for self-installation.

Customer who need a less permanent shade solution sometimes prefer a
Folding arm awning. These offer retractable shade cover, are motorised and easy to use and can also be angled to the shade direction. These are ideal for patios, restaurants and the side area of houses.

Mulders is a prominent member of the industry body for Canvas products
and manufactures sails on-site to quality standards in their
Melbourne factory. They have been making shade structures since the 1920s.
Their new CDROM photo brochure includes photo examples of
over 70 of their more recent shade installations.

Issued December 2005.
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