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Shade Sails Can Save You Money

When sunlight enters a room it can deliver an enormous amount of unwanted heat. Correctly positioned shade sails and shade screens can block out up to 95% of the suns rays improving energy efficiency and reducing air-conditioning bills.

Glass transmits heat easily and air conditioning systems have to work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures. About half of unwanted summer heat in a house comes from the sun shining through the windows. Shade sails or solar screens used over north and west facing windows or skylights can cut heat levels down dramatically. Savings can also be made on ongoing operating costs as unlike cooling equipment, sails are durable low maintenance structures with many shade materials guaranteed for ten years against sun degradation.

Heat build up in cars on hot days can be very unpleasant with air-conditioning systems a heavy drain on fuel. It is now quite common to see shade sails over car parking spaces. These sails not only block out the sun but offer a contemporary looking alternative to the traditional hard standing carport or garage.

When designing new flats or apartment blocks, architects often need to provide a solution that gives both privacy and shade to each new dwelling. It can sometimes be more cost effective to design in solar screens that act as two way privacy devices for windows rather than re-locate the window, build a wall or plant tree cover. The screens can help architects of builders meet strict planning regulations on neighbor’s privacy as well as solving shade requirements at the same time.

Mulders have been shade sails and solar screens for over 60 years. They have a Melbourne based factory and showroom. Their new commercial brochure for shade can be seen on their website

Issued May 2006.
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