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Canvas Covers

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Mulders Canvas and Tarp Division have been supplying custom canvas products like protective industrial covers, machine covers, equipment covers, BBQ covers, stage equipment covers, truck covers, trailer and outdoor covers for over 80 years.

Canvas custom made covers are just a few of the industrial products we custom design for industries.We will develop a custom cover specifically tailored to your machine or equipment's design and environment. Expensive equipment and machines exposed to outdoor, stage or factory environments can often need protection from UV, knocks, dust, wind, liquids, damage etc. Expensive outdoor settings and barbeques can weather over time. We stock industrial grade canvas, PVC's, mesh and padded materials that can be designed into a wide range of machine and equipment covers. With our CAD driven precision design and cutting we can produce custom covers which incorporate critical design needs:

Fast, easy and lightweight to put on and store.
Secure fixing and a snug fit to the equipment's main contours and projections.
Apertures, windows, sleeves or flaps for controls access, outlets etc.

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Our Projects:

  • Machine Covers - protect shipboard and mining equipment and factory machines
  • Water tank covers - protect bodies of water from dust or dirt.
  • Truck Covers - cover unusually shaped trailers and trucks
  • Barbecue and Outdoor Setting Covers - high end barbecue suppliers like Tabachi. and chair covers.
  • Outdoor Aircon Covers - vacuum exhausts, airconditioning units
  • Boat Covers, Tents, Tennis Screens
  • All Weather Broadcast Camera Covers for Australian TV stations
  • Prototype Covers - we can prototype products from your initial designs or ideas.
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