Our current home, on Dandenong Road, Malvern East, was first built to cope with the demands of the war effort.

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Mulders is a leading shade structure, canvas and synthetic material manufacturer. Innovators in shade sail design, they advise on optimum coverage, materials and construction. Their canvas division custom manufactures screens, protective covers, tarps, sandpit covers and other industrial products.

Mulders first operated in 1895, as a saddlery and harness maker, one hundred metres east of the current site on Dandenong Road, Malvern East.

In 1918, seventeen year old George Victor Mulder commenced work with the business as an apprentice saddler and harness maker. By 1922 George was running the business. He bought out his employer in 1928, from which time the operation began trading under the name G.V. Mulder.

The company manufactured a broad range of saddles and saddlery items catering for the demands of horse drawn transport, stock work, the equestrian market and the growing racing industry. Its close proximity to Caulfield Race Course lead to the production of race saddles, bridles and associated equipment. Horse harness for horse drawn transport, included that made for Richmond Brewery and Carlton & United Brewery, dairies and bakeries. Heavy harness was also manufactured for use in agriculture, such as for ploughing.

The canvas and tarp side of the business was gradually developed during the 1930's, initially with horse rugs and then growing into a wide range of canvas products including tents, tarps, truck canopies and awnings.

During World War II G.V.Mulder was declared an essential industry for the war effort.

During World War II G.V.Mulder was declared an essential industry for the war effort. Canvas products manufactured at this time included military kit bags, canvas water bags, life jackets, canvas gaiters, canvas packs, canvas haversacks, tents, shelter tents, hospital marquees, canvas buckets, tool bags, web anklets, tarpaulins, gun covers, and pouches.

Saddlery, harness and other leather products manufactured during the war included saddlery for the mounted troops and pack horses, harness for transport purposes, canteen, gaiters and knife and machete sheaths.

Due to the demands of the war effort, enlarged premises were required and the first stage of the building on this site was constructed adjacent to the Turf Club Hotel, (as the present Dan Murphy outlet was known) with the business operating from both premises. In the late 1940's and 1950's these premises were extended in a further two stages with the amalgamation of three titles, the building in its current form being completed in 1961.

Over recent decades Mulders has continued to develop its standing in all aspects of the equestrian, saddlery, canvas and synthetic product markets, making a unique contribution to the equestrian industry, the defence forces, the horse racing industry, the transport industry, the camping industry, the shade sail and awning industry, various sporting industries and numerous other areas.

When George Mulder died in 1974, the business was carried on by his two sons, Victor and Terry, who still operate it, as a family business today.


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