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Purple Sails Shade Race-Goers
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Correctly positioned sail shades can block out up to 95% of the suns rays and cut heat levels down dramatically. Caulfield Racecourse needed to shade a large outside dining area during the recent Caulfield Cup. Without sail shade cover, this sizeable space was largely unusable for critical parts of the day, limiting practical use of this space.

Mulders were selected as the sail shade supplier. A series of eleven overlapping sail shades were proposed to provide maximum shade cover over an elongated seated area. Three large triangular shade sails were also combined ‘umbrella style’ over a large circular smoking area.

For solid construction and durable tensioning, a series of supporting posts and frames were built. High clearance ensured clear vision of the nearby races. The whole construction was designed to be removed at the end of the races for re-use each year. The total end cost worked out cheaper than hiring in sails every year.

The sails were designed from colorful purple architectural PVC, complementing the event’s colour theme. This high quality membrane was UV resistant, able to provide superb protection from sun and wind. Supporting posts were made from hot dipped galvanized steel, resistant to rain, salt corrosion and rust.
The end result was a cool inviting outdoor space covered with a light and airy looking shade structure. Race course diners could now dine outside in comfort and watch the races, whatever the weather!

Issued Nov 2007. Purple Sails Shade Race-Goers Press Release © GV Mulder Aust Pty Ltd.

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