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Protective Covers For Shipboard Generators
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Keeping on board generators and scientific equipment dry is critical for seagoing vessels. Mulders supplied a series of Protective Covers to fit large deck mounted generators on an exploratory vessel.

Several large onboard generators and power units to support exploratory sea drilling needed protection. Constantly exposed to sea, wind, salt and rain, this Geotech company needed some form of rugged cover as a barrier to the elements.

Large, protective covers up to 10m long were designed to securely fit each of the different shaped generators. With multipurpose use in mind, the covers were designed to provide a protective barrier from the elements whilst the vessel was at sea.

Manufactured from highly durable PVC, the use of reinforced hems, corners and tie downs ensured long life. This high quality membrane was waterproof and UV resistant, able to provide superb protection from this harsh environment. Non rusting eyelets strategically positioned around the cover ensured secure fixings. Durable, waterproof and portable, the covers could be stored away when offshore work was underway. Engineering staff also needed sun protection on board during works. Mulders designed an irregular shade sail to cover a strategic part of the deck area.

Expensive equipment and machines exposed to harsh environment often needs protection from UV, dust, rain, liquid spills and damage. We will develop a protective cover specifically tailored to your machine or equipment's design and environment. We stock industrial grade canvas, PVC's, mesh and padded materials that can withstand most environments.

Each cover is designed to snugly fit the project’s exact specification, suiting main contours and projections. Apertures, windows, sleeves or flaps are designed in for access to controls, visibility, or outlets for fumes or heat. All protective covers are designed to be easy to put on, remove and store away when not in use. Mulders is a prominent member of the industry body for Canvas products and manufactures covers, screens and tarps on-site to quality standards in their 1500m2 factory.

Issued March 2009.
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