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Outdoor Shade With Style
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A series of overlapping shade sails can be an elegant, almost sculptural extension to the home.Tension membranes give excellent outdoor shade cover and are available in a multitude of colours and design configurations.

Mulders custom make outdoor shade solutions for both home and commercial use. With an extensive palette of colours available, materials can be selected to complement the building’s façade or surrounds. Natural colours like off white, olive and sandstones blend in with most environments. Colorful waterproof PVC shade sails in red’s and yellows can contrast with the surroundings and make a bold statement.

Mulders innovative two pole design can work for balconies or decks that have tight space constraints. A quick review of the site area on paper can often suggest what shape and size of sail is needed for maximum shade cover. Mulders website includes a faxback form to help review sail configurations and give tips on how to measure the site for self installation.

Where outdoor shade and rain cover are needed, architectural grade waterproof PVC’s are recommended. For shade only, sails are usually made of high quality shade cloths and architectural grade polyester meshes.

The overall appearance is of a lightweight stylish structure, which gives a high level of privacy and outdoor shade where it is needed. All material and sail designs can be seen on Mulders website and their centrally located Melbourne showrooms.

Issued Jan 2009.
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