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Shade Sails Give UV Protection To Staff

UV protection for staff and customers is a critical issue for businesses, councils and government bodies who need to meet stringent health and safety regulations. When sunlight enters a room it can deliver harmful UV rays plus an enormous amount of unwanted heat.

Mulders Shade have brought out a new commercial shade sail brochure showcasing their shade range and manufacturing capabilities.

Correctly positioned shade sails and shade screens can block out up to 95% of the suns rays. Shade sails or solar screens used over north and west facing windows or skylights can cut heat levels down dramatically.

Heat build up in cars on hot days can also be very unpleasant for workers, with air-conditioning systems a heavy drain on fuel. It is now quite common to see shade sails over office car parking spaces.Shade can also help keep cooling costs down. Unlike air conditioning equipment, sails are durable low maintenance structures with few ongoing operating costs. Many shade materials are guaranteed for ten years against sun degradation.

For over 60 years Mulders have been providing businesses with a wide range of shade solutions for play areas, parking structures, smoking areas, outside eateries and public spaces. Their Melbourne based showroom has comprehensive shade displays, fabric and colour samples or customers can simply browse through their ‘on-line showroom’ at

Businesses can expect end to end support on design and installation. If a sail only is needed, quality manufacturing to their exact specification.

An on-site visit or a review of planned designs via email or fax is the first stage. Advice is then given on optimum shade design, construction requirements and any restrictions. Initial quotation & lead times are followed through.

The design and manufacturing process is fully CAD Driven. A CAD file of the finished design is produced and once approved, used to drive precision manufacturing and cutting.

Only long lasting premium grade material are used like canvas, architectural grade mesh or solid PVCs. These are specifically designed for use under tension. High quality UV stabilised thread or high frequency welding is used to give clean, durable, watertight seams. All sails incorporate anchor points which can be fixed to non rusting galvanised or powder coated poles or brackets.

Engineering certification, professional installation, competitive trade prices and a 5 year warranty on workmanship are all part of the quoted price.

Mulders is a prominent member of the industry body for Canvas products and have been making shade structures since the 1920s. Their on-line design showroom includes photo examples of over 70 of their more recent shade installations.

Issued June 2006.
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