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Press Release February 2007
  Pool Covers Help Save Precious Water

Without a solar pool cover or blanket, it has been estimated that an average pool can lose up to 10,000 litres of water a month in evaporation during summer.

Evaporation occurs mainly at night when the air temperature drops below the temperature of the pool.Mulder’s solar pool blankets can help reduce evaporation by up to 99%. When tough water restrictions are in place, pool covers can play a critical part in ongoing pool maintenance during a drought.

Covers not only stop evaporation but also help keep the pool warmer, reducing heating costs and extending the swimming season. As the need to top up pool water levels reduces so does the need to use costly re-balancing chemicals. With a correctly fitted pool cover, most leaves, debris, dust and dirt are collected on the blanket where they can be picked up.

Most pool cleaners will also work well underneath a cover.Mulders solar blankets are suitable for in-ground or above ground pools of any shape. The high tech material allows solar energy to pass easily through the cover’s surface. Excellent heat insulation properties stop heat passing back out meaning
warmer water for longer.



February 2007.
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