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Outsize Bags Custom Made For Sports Teams
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Carrying heavy or bulky sports equipment to different venues can be a cumbersome task. To ease the burden of carrying unwieldy hockey equipment, Mulders custom made a series outsized PVC holdall bags. Over 3m long and 1m deep, these durable PVC bags needed to support and protect heavy hockey equipment, plus be comfortable to carry.

Manufactured from colourful, tough PVC, the bags were designed to exactly fit the sports equipment. Multiple handles meant the equipment could be carried by three people. A durable wraparound zip made for easy access.

Mulders manufacture canvas and PVC bags to suit the customer’s exact requirements. All bags are designed to help keep equipment secure and offer rain, UV, dust, and damage protection. Mulders stock a range of PVC materials from lightweight PVC’s through to heavyweight grades. Canvas materials are extremely durable and long lasting, Mulders carry several grades including Tearstop.

All Mulders covers or bags include heavy duty stitching, non rusting fixings and apertures, windows or flaps if needed. With full design and manufacturing capabilities on site, they offer high frequency, hot air and hot wedge welding.

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