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Sunscreen Blinds Filter Light and Sun

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During hot days rooms with large north facing windows can become too uncomfortable to sit or work in. Traditional blinds or curtains are great for sun blockout but they often make living or work spaces too dark for daytime use.

Mulders shade blinds or sunscreens are transparent blinds which let in natural light but blockout the sun’s glare and UV. These blinds offer a good mid-way solution for homeowners who need glare reduction but need rooms to be light too. Light filtering and blockout properties make the blinds ideal for living rooms, TV rooms and office boardrooms. The weave in the specially designed material filters the sun’s rays and allows only a fraction of the sun’s heat to enter the room, helping reduce air-conditioning costs. The material's unique shear weave also creates a certain level of daytime privacy.

Distinguished by their crisp, clean style and honeycomb construction Sunscreen Blinds are soft, yet durable. Shade blinds can help set the style and tone or a room and customer's can create blinds which blend in with the décor or make a bold fashion statement.

Good looking, and affordable, sunscreen blinds perfectly complement any room. Over 20 colours in natural or bold tones can be seen on their website

Issued January 2008.
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