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Sandpit Covers Help Keep Animals Out

Mulders Shade has a new range of sandpit covers for pre schools and kindergartens which are designed to keep animals out. Child care health and safety regulations usually require sandpits or sandboxes to be covered over at night with an animal and vermin proof cover. All of our sandbox covers are designed to keep wildlife and leaves out but allow air to permeate avoiding fungal build up. If left uncovered, sandpits can become contaminated with animal faeces and urine.

Our sandpit covers are manufactured on site at our Melbourne factory. We use premium quality shade mesh and shock cord - both of which are weather and tear resistant. Our covers are usually held securely in place with series of brass eyelets, fixing buttons and cord loops which can easily be released for quick removal. The whole cover can be rolled up into a small bundle for easy storage. A standard 3m * 3m cover weighs no more than 2-3 kgs.

Most sandpits are square or rectangular but we can custom design covers for irregular shapes. The cover can sit on top of the sandbox or be slightly larger to fold down the sides of the box.

A review via email or fax of the sandpit shape and size is usually the first stage. Customers can download easy to use measuring guidelines and a fax back quote form from our website.
A CAD file of the finished cover design is produced and once approved, used to drive precision manufacturing and cutting.

All edges are strengthened with a durable, flexible 50mm deep polyethylene tape specially designed to reinforce the eyelet fixings. Lead times are usually about 7-10 working days and prices start from about 180 Australian dollars for a 1.2m *1.2m cover.

Mulders have been providing child care centers with shade sails and sandpit covers for over 60 years. Our floating shade sail is ideal for kindergartens as it offers less obstruction for playing children, using only two poles instead of four.

A Melbourne based showroom has comprehensive material displays and we have an ‘on-line showroom’ at Mulders is a prominent member of the ACASPA, the Australian industry body for Canvas products.

Issued September 2006.
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