Mulders PVC blinds can be made with zips or rollers. Both designs are easy to roll up and store neatly away. Outdoor blinds are made to measure and will fit most widths and height requirements. Durable, long lasting zips, tracks and fixings are used and all joins are welded for durability. Each blind is weighted at the base with a metal tube.

Press Release May 2007
  Create A New Room With Mulders Outdoor Blinds

PVC blinds or clear Outdoor blinds can be a low cost way to add on a new living space. As design experts focus more on outdoor living, clear PVC blinds are one way to make exterior spaces user-friendly and stylish. Mulders PVC blinds can turn a decked area, terrace, garage or patio into a functional, cozy outdoor room. The blinds are totally see through but weatherproof, keeping wind and rain out.

Material quality is critical or the blind will hang with creases. All Mulders outdoor blinds are made from heavy duty ultra clear PVC , have inbuilt fixing points and base weightings. Allowances are also made for material expansion or contraction All of these elements combine to produce the desired flat tensioned look.




Mulders outdoor blinds are manufactured on site at their Melbourne factory to quality standards. Mulders have been making shade products for over 30 years and are a prominent member of ACASPA, the industry association for canvas and vinyl products. They have a Melbourne based factory and showroom. Many of their shade products can be seen on their website

Issued May 2007.
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