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Eco Friendly Shade Blinds For Offices and Schools
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Mulders shade blinds are now available in a new eco friendly fabric designed for offices and school use. Shade blinds keep heat and glare out, whilst maintaining the view.

Indoor air quality is critical for children and staff. Mulders new shade blinds meet strict emission guidelines for offices and sensitive school populations. Energy consumption on air-conditioning is another important environmental issue. Certified as an environmentally friendlier choice, Mulders shade blinds also achieve significant reductions in the demand for air conditioning

The shade blinds use a new dual sided fabric from Mermet, with alternate light and dark sides. Contemporary looking, the dark side faces inward to provide glare protection. The lighter side reflects solar energy, reducing heat build up. Building temperatures are controlled and children or staff can see out without being seen.

The new shade blinds can help projects comply with current regulations from the Green Building Council of Australia. Suitable for all types of internal blinds the material is fire retardant and available in a choice of transparencies.

Mulders specialize in shade structures. All shade blinds are custom made on site in Mulders Melbourne factory to suit the windows' exact dimensions. A measure and quote service can be arranged across Melbourne. Installation can be by their Expert Team or shade blinds can be supplied to order within a few weeks.

GV Mulder has been making shade structures for over 60 years and has a Melbourne based factory and showroom. A photo gallery and colour swatches can be seen on their website. Photo supplied courtesy of Meudic Studio, Mermet

Issued May 2008.
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