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Cool Shade Sails For Monash University
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UV protection for students is a critical issue for Universities, schools and colleges who need to meet stringent health and safety regulations. Correctly positioned shade sails can block out up to 95% of the suns rays and cut heat levels down dramatically.

Strict smoking bans have also prompted the construction of shaded terraces, courtyards and roof top spaces to accommodate smokers.

Monash University in Melbourne needed shade sails for a new outdoor terrace area. This sizeable outdoor recreation space was designed to give students an area to relax between lectures and accommodate smokers.

The second storey terrace was north facing and had little natural shade protection. During hot summers it would be largely unusable for critical parts of the day. Rainy days could also be a problem and the shade sail solution had to be waterproof too.

Mulders were selected as the shade sail supplier. One large span ‘floating shade sail’ The Eclipse, was proposed to provide maximum shade cover. This innovative two pole design had a smaller footprint that a traditional four pole design and could easily fit within this constricted space. For solid construction and durable tensioning, each supporting post had a large diameter. High clearance ensured no obstruction to passing vehicles.

The sails were designed from a natural tone PVC, perfectly complementing Monash’s own brick design. This high quality membrane was waterproof and UV resistant, able to provide superb protection from rain, wind and sun. Supporting posts were made from hot dipped galvanized steel, resistant to rain, salt corrosion and rust.
The end result was a light and airy looking shade structure. Students could now relax outside in comfort, whatever the weather!

For over 60 years Mulders have been providing schools and child care centres with a wide range of shade sail solutions. Mulders is a prominent member of the industry body for Canvas products and manufactures sails on-site to quality standards in their 1500m2 factory. All their products can be seen on-line at

Issued February 2008.
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