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Cap Tarps Keep Trailer Loads Dry
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Mulders Canvas and Tarp Division have been supplying quality canvas and PVC Cap Tarps for over 50 years.

These Cap Tarps or Tarpaulins are Ideal for semi trailers and open trailers as they offer multipurpose use and allowances for higher loads. Durable, waterproof and lightweight, Mulders Cap Tarps keep trailer loads safe and provide a protective barrier from the elements.

Our Tarps are custom made out of premium grade canvas or PVC able to withstand harsh conditions. Cap Tarps can be designed to snugly fit the trailer’s main contours and projections. We design these to covers to be easy to put on, remove and store away when not in use. Heavy duty stitching, webbing, non rusting fixings and Australian made 8mm silver hand spliced ropes - are all part of our design.

Mulders Canvas Division have been supplying custom made canvas products like tarpaulins, canvas covers, tents and privacy screens for over 80 years. We offer a rapid quotation service. Simply send us your specific sizes and we will provide an initial quotation.
With Factory premises in Melbourne, our manufacturing capacity is substantial, utilizing premises of over 1500 square meters.

All Mulders Tarp designs are fully CAD driven and businesses can expect end to end support on design and manufacturing process. They use the latest in machinery and equipment offering RF welding, hot air and hot wedge welding along with computerized cutting and sewing machinery.

Products are custom designed for aerospace, defence, horticultural and transport industries. We are approved contract suppliers to defence and various industrial companies. We offer a full range of contract manufacturing services to other companies within our industry. Mulders is a prominent member of the ACASPA, the Australian industry body for Canvas products

Issued May 2008.

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