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Colourful Shade Sails In Architectural Grade Materials
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From beige to bright yellow, Mulders shade sails come in virtually any colour you may need for your client. With such a wide colour range, we can supply a highly visible shade sail or one that will simply blend in with the building or landscaped area.

Waterproof sails can be designed from colorful architectural grade PVC's to complement a building's design. These high quality membranes are waterproof and UV resistant, able to provide superb protection from rain, wind and sun. Where UV protection is critical, commercial grade shade meshes can provide up to 95% UV protection. Over the years we have made plenty of different shapes and sizes to suit patios, pools and deck areas. Sails can be a simple triangular design through to a series of overlapping sails to cover a larger area.

Mulders ‘floating shade sail’ The Eclipse, provides maximum shade cover with just two supporting poles. With a smaller footprint than a traditional four pole design , this sail can easily fit within a confined space. For large open spaces, a series of overlapping sails offers extensive shade cover with an almost sculptural looking design.

Mulders are a prominent member of ACASPA, the industry body for canvas manufacturing.

Issued November 2008.
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