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Sunscreen Blinds Reduce Sun Glare

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation risks within the workplace can be controlled with the help of sunscreen blinds or blockout blinds.

These semi transparent blinds let in natural light but blockout the sun’s glare and UV. This glare reduction is especially important for office based workers and staff using computers. Workplace comfort is being increasingly recognized as an important factor in employee productivity and performance. The use of shade and sunscreens also helps reduce air-conditioning costs.

Sunscreen blinds filter light and their unique weave also creates a certain level of daytime privacy. With their fresh contemporary styling and crisp, clean style, sunscreen blinds are an alternative to traditional roller or Venetian blinds.

Soft, yet durable, the specially designed weave filters the sun’s rays and allows only a fraction of the sun’s heat to enter the room.Mulders specialize in the supply of interior shade blind for offices, apartments and houses. Manufacturing capacity is substantial, utilizing premises of over 1500 square meters. Installation can be by their Expert Team or blinds can be supplied to order within a few weeks. All designs are fully CAD driven and customers can expect end to end support on the initial design and manufacturing process.

Available in single, double and triple honeycombs these blinds are highly energy efficient. Materials can be matched to meet specific client needs in terms of incoming light, glare, heat protection and exterior view. Mulders sunscreens also meet the general requirements of the Building code of Australia for Fire Hazard properties of materials in buildings

All blinds are custom made on site in Mulders Melbourne factory to suit the windows' exact dimensions. A wide choice of fabrics in natural or bold colours are available. The blinds can be chain driven or motorized.

GV Mulder has been making shade structures for over 60 years and has a Melbourne based factory and showroom. Many of their shade products can be seen on their website

Issued May 2007.
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