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Solar Pool Covers

All of our Solar Pool Covers are made of high quality, heavy duty material to suit your individual pool size. Mulder's solar pool covers are suitable for every inground or above ground pool of any shape.

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Solar Pool Blankets are ideal for:saving water by: reducing evaporation — reducing heating costsextending pool usekeeping the pool cleaner — saving chemicalsin ground poolsabove ground pools

How It Works?
The Suncap Solar Blanket is designed to allow short wavelength solar energy to pass easily through it's surface. This heat, which radiates at longer wavelengths, is then maintained under the surface due to the special design of the blanket. This means warmer water for longer!
Our pool blankets are specifically designed for harsh Australian conditions. With over tens or thousands already installed across the country , Mulder's are confident you'll find it the perfect addition to your pool.We currently offer a Rapid 5 Day Turnaround Service on our pool covers.

Solar Pool Covers Save Water. With water restrictions now a way of life , our covers are designed to redue water loss. An average pool can lose up to 10,000 litres of water a month in evaporation.

A high quality Solar Pool Blanket can reduce this evaporation by up to 100%. You'll also save on costly pool chemicals as the blanket will help maintain your pool's correct balance.

Reduce Heating Cost By Up To 75%. The bubble profile provides a more even distribution of material which means no weak spots. Suncap Solar Pool Blankets will reduce evaporative heat loss by up to 99%.

Use Your Pool Longer Each Year. Correctly fitted, a Suncap Swimming Pool Solar Cover turns your pool into a tropical oasis, absorbing maximum energy and temperature through the day and preventing heat loss as the ambient temperature falls overnight. Overall Suncap Solar Blankets provide greater UV resistance than comptetitive blankets.

Lower Pool Maintenance. With a correctly fitted Suncap Pool Blanket most leaves, debris dust and dirt are collected on the blanket where they can easily be picked up. Suncap Solar Blankets come in a range of materials that graduate in thickness to extend the lifespan.

Solar Reel. Easily managed by one person, a Solar Reel is a simple, easy and convenient way to roll the blanket on or off the pool. Solar Reels provide compact and secure storage for the blanket and are lightweight, portable and easy to install. It also comes with a UV formulated protective cover. This overcover should be replaced every 18-24 months to ensure maximum protection for your blanket.

Material Options. All of our pool covers are made in Reef Blue. We offer two material grades: 400 and 500 micron. 500 micron is a longer lasting slightly thicker grade material.

We will provide a quote next working day. We need:
pool lengths and width
— additional dimensions for any step or spa areas
— if your pool is not a regular rectangular shape -we will need dimensions of the total surrounding area

— measure only from pool side to pool side - we will make allowances for the cover to fold slightly up the sides
— contact details
— your preferred material grade 400 or 500

Our Prices Including GST:

We make these covers to your exact dimensions but here are prices for some common pool sizes:

500 series:

3.6 * 7.2 $313

4.8 * 9.6 $580

What's not included in our quote?: Delivery costs. We charge $40 for sameday delivery within metropolitan Melbourne. Or you can collect the cover from our premises.

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